This Could Happen to You

Growing up, my family was never religious. We went to a Buddhist church whenever we were required to attend, but never on a regular basis. Mainly it was done in Japanese, and because I didn't know the language, I patiently just sat there paying my respects. Leaving with no meaning to take with me; and that was going to church.

Later in life I made my own judgments. I knew there was a universal God but I never believed in God. I knew he didn't judge you on what you have or didn't have. I knew you didn't have to go to church to be with him. As ignorant as it may sound, I knew that he was around at times and maybe he'll listen to your pleas but then again not. Nothing more, nothing less; and that is the way I've lead my life for 39 years.

My first visit to Malama Na Pua was to have Lomilomi done to me by Miho. During my treatment I was showing an interest in her Spiritual Counseling. This was due to her theory of why one has physical pain. Her explanation was, "Initially we hurt spiritually, if we don't listen we then hurt emotionally, and if we still ignore it, we finally hurt physically." Believe me, pain was in my life. I couldn't walk unless it was accompanied by pain. My arms felt weak and I had difficulty chewing. I've been suffering with this condition for four months. To this day, the medical doctors are still baffled about my symptoms. Because I had nothing to lose, I decided it was time for me to take matters into my own hands.

The following week I came back for my Spiritual Counseling session with Miho. I had no idea what to expect from this but I went in with an open mind. Miho and I talked then she said, "Let's meditate." Now I've never meditated in my life. She said a prayer then instructed me to, "Let go of negative thoughts, feelings, and just focus on breath." For me, focusing on breath is a lot harder that it seems. I was being mentally stimulated by anything and everything; i.e. thinking what I was going to do after I was through, phone ringing, voices chattering, wind chime blowing; I was distracted. After a long, continuous internal battle my mind settled down and relaxed. Eventually, I felt tingles on the crown of my head and I saw white light. I exited the Chapel feeling stronger and much to my surprise; I walked with minimum pain. I was happy and hopeful. I knew what I needed to do for myself.

For the next two months I've faced many, many personal challenges. Plus, I knew no one who was practicing this and therefore; I felt alone. I didn't want anyone thinking that, "Cheryl lost it." In fact, its quite the contrary, "I found it." Through the weeks of personal obstacles came the week of the, "double whammy." With Miho's love and guidance, she advised me to start reading aloud the "Prayers of Personal Forgiveness." The outcome of saying these prayers with meditation is phenomenal. The rewards that I reaped goes beyond words. It's the combination of feeling centered, empowerment, and most important, belief in God. I'm learning that through prayer you can have a personal relationship in which you can communicate and give thanks to God. Meditation is a way of receiving His goodness through the medium of listening, feeling, or seeing. Everyone will have their own experience and it is all good. I know for a fact, that if an ordinary person like me can do it, anyone can. Just ask Miho, she'll lead you on the right path. Once you get started and just want to talk story with someone whose still growing, ask Miho for my phone number. She knows I would enjoy meeting and helping people with whom I have this in common with.